Terms and Conditions: Studioholders

As a studioholder at Irene, I understand and agree:

  1. I will pay my rent at the start of each month, for the month in advance, as invoiced.
  2. I will pay a bond of one month’s rent, as invoiced, if my application is successful, once a commence date is agreed.
  3. I need to give the Irene Group one month’s notice when I wish to vacate my studio—which I can do at any time—by writing to irenearts@riseup.net.
    My bond will be returned after I have vacated and cleaned the room satisfactorily.
  4. If my rent is more than one month behind, I will be required to move out, no questions asked.
    If I’m having trouble paying at any time, I will contact irenearts@riseup.net immediately.
  5. There is a $50 deposit for keys, which will be refunded when all keys are returned.
    If I lose my keys, I forfeit this deposit, and will be required to pay $50 again for replacement keys.
  6. I will not share my keys with anyone or otherwise obtain copies of keys without permission from the Irene Group.
  7. The use of the studio-space as outlined above is for applicants only. If I wish to share with others at any time or otherwise modify my application for the use of this space, I must contact irenearts@riseup.net and get approval first. This is for security reasons—no strangers!
    Likewise, if my contact details change, I will notify irenearts@riseup.net immediately.
  8. Our Code of Conduct must be adhered to at all times. If I or my guests become unwelcome at Irene at any time, for any reason, at the sole discretion and decision of the Irene Group, I (or we) will be required to move out immediately, no refund, no appeals. This is a zero tolerance policy.
  9. Irene is a working environment—it is a non-residential space, and I understand and agree that I cannot use any space at Irene for any kind of residential activity.
    No sleeping here! For breaching this rule, I will be required to move out.
  10. I will be considerate of others when my work may be noisy, smelly, dusty, potentially toxic, etc. Good communication before working is the key! If anyone asks me to stop or change what I’m doing, I will be cool and cooperative, especially if needing to negotiate compromises or even cease work completely. I am aware that Irene has limitations and cannot accommodate all types of works all the time. If I am a disturbance to other users of Irene or otherwise negatively impact the space, I will be required to move out.
  11. Operating times for noise/music/bands is strictly limited. Please refer to the terms and conditions for music studios. Irene can be fined for noise/music/bands outside those hours. This means this issue is serious! Failure to cooperate will mean I (or we) will be required to move out.
  12. Irene is run by volunteers and I acknowledge that volunteers are not here to clean up after me or my work. I am solely responsible for all of the mess created by me, my work, or my guests while at Irene, and I will clean up any and all mess, like a responsible awesome person. If I’m a hindrance to Irene, I will be required to leave.
  13. Volunteers love it immensely if I help the community in any way that I can, big or small. For example, emptying full bins; helping keep the toilets clean, kitchen tidy, washing up done, towels washed, etc. Consider yourself thanked!
  14. No smoking inside the building.
  15. I agree to abide by these terms and conditions at all times, and that Irene Group reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time.


Thank you.
Irene Group.