Terms and Conditions: Music Studios

As a member of Irene in the downstairs space, I understand and agree that:

  1. All uses of the downstairs space are to be made through the bookings calendar so as to avoid clashes with sound based activities and for other things going on around the warehouse.
  2. As the person making the booking, I am responsible for the group using the music space at the time of booking. Additionally, it is my responsibility to adhere to the terms & conditions of music studio use and for all band members to be aware of and also abide by these rules at all times.
  3. Curfew times for noise/sound are:
    • 10am to 9pm Monday to Thursday,
    • 10am to 10pm Friday and Saturday,
    • 10am to 7pm Sunday.
  4. I/we understand and agree to respect and abide by the above curfew times for loud / amplified noise. I/we understand and agree that any sound made outside of these curfew times will be of a low volumeā€”i.e. acoustic/non-amplified instruments, quiet studio mixing only.
  5. I will be considerate of others when I/we may be noisy. If there is a request for an alteration to any activity occurring within the music studio I will be co-operative, polite and open to discussion about the activity in question. I am aware that Irene has limitations and cannot accommodate all types of works all the time and that good communication is essential to ensuring a harmonious creative environment for all studio holders.
  6. I/we will respect the Irene space and Irene community and be mindful of the impact of noise upon others.
  7. The Irene Code of Conduct must be adhered to at all times. If myself or my guests violate the terms and conditions of the Code of Conduct as determined and decided by the Irene Group, we may be requested to leave by The Irene Group. This is a zero tolerance policy as the Code of Conduct protects all members of the Irene community.
  8. Loud noise/amplified sound may be allowed outside the curfew times in special circumstances. I/we understand and agree that a formal request must be submitted and approved by the Irene Group prior to the commencement of these sessions and that loud noise/amplified sound may not occur outside of curfew times without this approval. I/we also acknowledge and agree that not all extensions may be given or allowed and that approval is dependent upon many variables and reserved for special circumstances only. Formal requests are to be made in writing and submitted to irenearts@riseup.net before the commencement of sessions.
  9. I/we acknowledge that loud noise/amplified sound outside of curfew without Irene Group permission is not permitted and that adherence to the curfew times are to be strictly followed.
  10. I will be sent an e-mail on confirmation of studio bookings which makes the requested booking time clear and without dispute. I am aware that The Irene Group can also see a recording of this booking via the admin system calendar which will be the authoritative confirmation source for all bookings.
  11. There is no smoking inside. I/we will not smoke inside.
  12. I/we acknowledge that I am responsible for any mess created by me, my work, and/or my guests/bandmates while at Irene. I will clean up any and all mess made by myself or my bandmates before exiting the building. I will assist wherever possible with maintaining a hygienic & clean environment at Irene and leave the toilets clean, remove beer bottles/empty the bins if need be, keep the kitchen tidy and do any washing up of kitchen items that have been used.
  13. I/we agree to abide by these terms and conditions at all times, and acknowledge that Irene Group may need to negotiate, alter or potentially terminate bookings to accommodate other activities or extraneous circumstances that may arise at the warehouse.
  14. I agree to the terms and conditions as a keyholder (if I have a key).
  15. Rent is due and should be paid on the 1st day of each month. If my rent is more than 1 month in arrears I may be asked to relinquish my studio lease. If I am having trouble paying my rent I will contact irenearts@riseup.net.


Thank you.
Irene Group.