Terms and Conditions: Music Studios

As a member of Irene in the downstairs space, I understand and agree that:

  1. All uses of the downstairs space must be made through the bookings calendar to avoid clashes with sound and times for other things going on around the warehouse.
  2. I am the person making the booking and as such I am responsible for my group and/or all band members to be aware of and also abide by these rules at all times.
  3. Curfew times for noise/sound are:
    • 10am to 9pm Monday to Thursday,
    • 10am to 10pm Friday and Saturday,
    • 10am to 7pm Sunday.
  4. I/we understand and agree to respect and abide by the above curfew times.
  5. I will be considerate of others when I/we may be noisy. Good communication beforehand is the key! If anyone asks me to stop or change what I’m doing, I/we will be cool and cooperative, especially if needing to negotiate compromises or even cease work completely. I am aware that Irene has limitations and cannot accommodate all types of works all the time. If I am a disturbance to other users of Irene or otherwise negatively impact the space, I will be required to move out.
  6. I/we will respect the Irene space and Irene community. Irene houses 38 artist studios and over 50 studio-holders. Please be respectful with noise levels and conduct in appreciation of everyone else around you.
  7. Our Code of Conduct must be adhered to at all times. If I or my guests become unwelcome at Irene at any time, for any reason, at the sole discretion and decision of the Irene Group, I (or we) will be required to move out immediately, no refund, no appeals. This is a zero tolerance policy!
  8. The Haybale has a major impact on the sonic space of the entire building. I/we understand and are aware of this, and agree to respect this privilege! Refer to rule 5...
  9. Use of the Haybale or downstairs space outside the curfew times may be allowed in special circumstances, but I/we understand and agree that we must ask Irene Group first and get given an OK from the entire Irene Group before any times are extended, if at all. This request for the entire Irene Group permission is not just a courtesy, it’s a requirement for any usage outside curfew to be considered. I/we also acknowledge and agree that not all extensions may be given or allowed, that it’s dependent on many variables, including how much notice is given beforehand, what type of work is requested, how often the space has been used, what else us going on, and so on. Again, it is not a blanket rule that extensions are allowed just because they're being asked for, more that these requests are to be reserved for special circumstances only. Please make a request in writing to the Irene Group at irenearts@riseup.net before your booking with as much notice as possible to help your chances...
  10. Use of the space outside curfew without Irene Group permission is an obvious and acknowledged breach of these rules! I/we will be aware of the time of the booking and stick to it. A breach of this rule automatically gives up my/our privileges and I/we will be required to move out.
  11. I will be sent an e-mail on confirmation of this booking which makes the requested booking time clear and without dispute. Irene can also see a recording of this booking in the admin system of the calendar which will be the authoritative confirmation source for all bookings.
  12. There is no smoking inside. I/we will not smoke inside.
  13. Irene is run by volunteers and I/we acknowledge that volunteers are not here to clean up after me or my work. As the person responsible for the booking, I am responsible for all of the mess created by me, my work, and/or my guests/bandmates, etc while at Irene, and I will clean up any and all mess, like a responsible awesome person. If I am/we are a hindrance to Irene, I/we will be required to leave!
  14. Please empty full bins; help keep the toilets clean, kitchen tidy, washing up done, towels washed, etc. Consider yourself thanked.
  15. I/we agree to abide by these terms and conditions at all times, and that Irene Group reserves the right to terminate this booking at any time, or for any reason, etc.
  16. I agree to the terms and conditions as a keyholder (if I have a key).


Thank you.
Irene Group.